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2018-03-11Main MenuAdded link to Origins of R1b-S1194
2018-01-15Main MenuUpdated the Origins / History Story with recent SNP data
2016-09-24Main MenuAdded latest HT35 project & Y-Full CTS4528 Trees
2016-08-03DocumentsAdded a link to important doc by Chris Tyler Smith
2015-12-30EducationAdded a link to Strs and Snps
2015-11-31DocumentsAdded a PDF version of Dr M Hammers nov 2015 pres to FTDNA 11th Conf.
2015-13-31EducationAdded link to Y Haplogroups of Europe by Region & Country.
2015-03-25Main PageAdded link to a very well documented Y-Chr migration map. Also added to migrations.
2014-11-15Maps-DiagsAdded Phylogenetic Tree created by ftDNA HT35 Project (pub 10 Nov2014)
2014-11-01Tech-DataIn Oct 2014, ISOGG added CTS4528/DF100 as new 3rd clade to P312 & U106
2014-09-05EducationCreated an Education Links section and added it to main menu
2014-08-31Sbmh StoryRevised some info to bring it up to date
2014-06-10MigrationsAdded 3 links to stories of Danes & Anglo Saxons joining the Varangian Guard
2014-06-10DNA TestingRemoved as a testing organization (they gave it up)
2014-06-01Main MenuExpanded some of the menu items texts to be more descriptive
2014-05-19DNA TestsAdded 'Full Genomes Corp' to the list (one of the more comprehensive tests)
2014-05-18All MenusGeneral tidying up of menus and items. Revised intro to Sbmh history
2014-05-18SnpsAndStrsAdded new menu section for SNP and STR education
2014-05-17Tech-DataAdded L151 ChrY position info to the DF100 & CTS4528 already there
2014-05-17Tech-DataAdded ftDNA 2014 long names to table (ftDNA previously used old YCC names)
2014-05-15Sbmh StoryAdded an introduction
2014-05-15Tech-DataAdded a specially trimmed (cut-down) version of ftDNA new tree
2014-05-15WeblinksAdded a link to 'Locate My Name' - excellent resource site
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2014-05-03Main & History PagesPointed out that Myres paper was of historical benefit
2014-05-01Main PageRemoved Dirk Struve's Phylogenetic tree at his request.
2014-04-30Main PageAdded link to new ftDNA DF100-CTS4528-L11-P310-L151-P311 project
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2014-04-29Maps & DiagsAdded Germanic Tribes Migrations Map Link
2014-04-29Tech DataAdded YCC Long Names
2014-02-14The whole siteRegistered domains, started web pages, started building web server (linux-apache2)

Site Purpose

An easy to find repository:

This site is :- easy to find, easy to understand, easy to navigate, works on the most popular web devices (smartphones, tablets and PC web browsers) and offers a history of how some conclusions were arrived at.

The fundamental purpose of the site then was to provide a repository where we could quickly locate important information and links relevant to SBMH. Anyone doing deep research knows how frustrating it can be trying to re-discover important information once located but then the links forgotten or misplaced. In particular, when information is posted in blogs it quickly gets buried and lost.

One big issue when running a blog (such as our facebook group) and new members join, they usually have no reference point as to conclusions or reasons etc: so this site addresses that importanmnt issue by offering a history and quick links

This site is not here to be interactive, that happens at the Facebook page (see menu bar on mainpage).


Site Design:

The layout of this site is deliberately simple and minimalistic as it has been developed to work on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones. The Apple iPhone being the design standard.

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2014-05-01Launch DateThis site officially launched on 1 of May 2014.